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Optimistic Artfor a bright future

Optiland is a series of collections of Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) on Ethereum Optimism network. Optimistic Bunnies is the first NFT project to be deployed on the Optimism network. It is a bunny themed NFT with proof of ownership stored on chain. Pixel Bunnies and Optiland Citizens are companion NFTs that are airdropped to all Optimistic Bunnies holders. Minting is live!

happy bunnies in jackets and winter clothes making a snowman

The FIRST NFT Collectionsonly on Optimism...

For every Optimistic Bunny you mint, will also get a Pixelated Bunny airdropped to you for free within ~1-2 weeks. For each new BUNNY holder, one Optiland Citizen will be airdropped for free as well (while they last).



up to 10% goes to public goods

We chose to release all our collections on Optimism because we want NFT holders to appreciate the art without spending an arm and a leg on fees. We also believe in supporting public goods funding to support infrastructure building on Ethereum. Therefore, we make donations to retroactive public goods at each milestone.

Pixelated Bunnies

  • FREE with Bunny purchase

  • Unique accessories

  • More chances for rare NFT's

Mint a BUNNY
Original Set

Optimistic Bunnies

  • First NFT Collection on Optimism

  • Amazingly detailed illustrations

  • Exclusive access to future collections

  • Featuring 112 accessories and traits

  • Get a Pixelated Bunny ($PBUNNY) for free!

Mint a BUNNY

Optiland Citizens

  • FREE with Bunny Purchase!

  • One airdrop per holder

  • Realistic anime style

Mint a BUNNY

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Bunny Wearables

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Optiland Tokenomics

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Airdrops go out in batches, usually once or twice per week.

What is Optiland?
Optiland is an NFT community on Optimism started by an idea that different people in the real world have many differences between them but still believe in helping each other out and reaching toward an optimistic future together. Our NFT collections were created with the idea that the personalities should vary like we do, and take advantage of low minting fees as much as possible
How do I mint an Optiland NFT?
1. You need to transfer your Ether using Metamask from the Ethereum network to the Optimism network through either the official Optimism gateway or hop exchange.
2. Hop over to our Mint page, connect your MetaMask wallet, pick the collection you wish to mint from, and follow the prompts until your transaction is complete. Don&t forget to stay on Optimism!
Where does my NFT go after I purchase it?
Once you mint an NFT, it is forever linked to the account that made the transaction(s). To see your NFT's in your MetaMask wallet, copy the contract address and take note of the TokenID for your tokens on Etherscan, and enter them when you import the NFT's into your wallet.
Do I get Pixelated Bunnies for free?
Until minting of Optmistic Bunnies is complete, for each one you mint, you will get a Pixelated Bunny airdropped to you for free!
What about Optiland Citizens? Are they really free too?
Yes! Here at Optiland, we recognize that anime-styled NFT's are gaining in popularity and wanted to give the OG Bunny holders the first release of our exclusive set, Optiland Citizens.
Limit: one per customer, while supplies last

Our Team

Optiland collections by Cryptofox and DistractionBoy

  • CryptoFox


    Cryptofox believes that NFT technology is still in the early stages of growth and NFTs on Ethereum Layer 2 platforms are going to be HUGE going forward! He's the creator of the Optimistic Bunnies Project.

  • DistractionBoy


    Being an avid photographer and web architect, it was only a matter of time before DistractionBoy got hooked on web3 tech and could never satisfy the urge to build and learn.